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What I did last summer…Part 1

Three music for media projects during my final, thesis semester.

-Animated short film (for a film scoring contest): Virtus Vitae

Clip (not used in the final version) from the opening of a documentary about breast cancer called “Baring It All”

-Commercial/promo spot from C-SPAN: White House Week

I never get tired of these musical geniuses.

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Disney

What else can I say? For the few of you who disagree, watch the video, then get back to me.

The songs in this video are mostly from my generation of Disney, so I can’t help being enamored. But also, many of them were written (or at least movie orchestrated) by Alan Menken, who is still thankfully carrying on his musical genius with Disney, most recently through Enchanted and Tangled. This video had been shared with me this weekend, and I liked it so much that I wanted to share it here. Not only does it have Disney songs, and they are almost all non-princess songs (I had forgotten how many of those actually existed), they are (or were, since it was uploaded in 2010) very creatively presented by the all men A Capella group, Doo Wop Shop, at UMass.