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Oh, Jazz…

Well, I did end up writing two pieces for the jazz ensemble at my Vermont residency in February, but there was not enough time allotted for me to get to hear them both.  One was an arrangement of the percussion piece that I mentioned in the previous post, and the other was a tango, which was the one I chose to hear, have performed, and have recorded.  I am still trying to put the sound files together for the mix that I want for this tango, and also for the percussion piece.  So, hopefully, I will have them available for listening this week sometime.

Between homework for my new (and final!) semester and the craziness that comes with spring for my music students, I’m kind of overwhelmed right now; hence the short blog.  But I’m going to try again, God willing, to stay more steady with my blog (and updating my online presence as a whole), even if that means this is all you get each time.  Thanks for still supporting me in my musical and life goals!

Life is Music (wait, that’s backwards)

My first semester Music Composition project in Graduate School is done!  For a while now, I’ve been waking up, composing, eating, teaching, composing, practicing, and then composing some more, all the while still hoping that I’m actually learning something and getting better instead of just rambling on and on with music.  The premise of my project was two selections from one scene out of an idea that I had for an opera in the blues/jazz style.  The opera that I have in mind would be based on the Biblical Jacob’s life.  I wrote the text for the one scene (and some staging directions), then got to work on the music, studying about the styles and writing in them.  The scene is when Jacob (Jake in the opera) meets his future wives.  He makes a deal with his future father-in-law (Louie in the opera) for the daughter that he has fallen in love with (Rachel in the opera).  Louie then conspires to trick Jake into marrying his other daughter (Leia in the opera).  I finally produced an instrumental “Transition” (or scene transition) to the scene and a song (aria and recitative) for the end of that same scene.  The “Transition” will be performed by the ensemble in residence at my upcoming residency in Vermont, and the song (aria and recitative) will hopefully get recorded (in a rough version) before then.  In the mean time, here are parts of the scores for your perusal and enjoyment.

Transition to Louie’s Scene-CallithumpianConsort-AnnaChapman-Preview1

Transition to Louie’s Scene-CallithumpianConsort-AnnaChapman-Preview2

Transition to Louie’s Scene-CallithumpianConsort-AnnaChapman-Preview3

Not Me Blues-Band-AnnaChapman-Preview

Any attempt to copy, distribute, or claim this musical material for personal use or gain is against the law and will be severely frowned upon.  The composer claims all rights to and ownership of this music.  Please contact her with questions or requests for distribution.