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So Close

Tardy again, but I was really busy, and with music stuff!  Finally, I am feeling like a working adult with some kind of career path in front of me.  It’s harder than I thought, and I still can’t always do what I want (all you seasoned professionals are saying “duh” right about now).  But I am so excited about my progress so far (in everything!) and all the possibilities that I can see in the future.

I have a total of three music for media projects done (and hopefully up on my YouTube channel soon) and my music for my Thesis semester project almost done.  Only a little more polishing to do…and some re-writing…and writing my Thesis paper…in less than a month.

Most recently, I’ve had a lot of discouragement.  Right after a big school deadline and right before important commitments that I had (and had to fore-go), I got sick, and the sore throat is still hanging on a little.  Also, today I found out about a terrible tragedy that has overtaken one of my fellow MFA students.

Sorry about the depressing note.  I’ll try to turn my depression into artistic genius in the mean time, but please pray for my fellow student and friend.  And then pester me if I don’t get another post up soon about my projects.