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Rethinking the Whole Music Blog Thing

I seriously envy my sister. She is in the arts like me, only as an illustrator, but she is far more gifted than I am in many other areas besides her chosen craft. The area I envy at the moment is writing. My sister’s art blog is witty, entertaining, sometimes deep, relevant to topic, and I love reading it:  I, on the other hand, have not that natural gift.  My best writing was the boring research and thesis papers I wrote in high school and college.

So now I wonder, and maybe my sister can give me some pointers, how do you have a cool, entertaining, successful, etc. music blog/website?  Do you post music all of the time?  Do you talk about music all of the time?  Do you relate it to life?  Do you do all of the above?  Am I too busy, or worse yet, too lazy, for all of that?  Should I just say whatever I want to and not care who cares?  Should I change visual themes a lot, not at all, or in between?  Do visual themes even matter if I’m talking about music?

Besides all those logistical questions, I’ve moved to a new music teaching facility, created a new email address, started a new semester with a new project (while still getting clips of the recordings together from last semester to share with you), and started writing a song with my band (whose numbers are now dwindling down to three, but are also now more serious about our musical endeavors).

Life is Music (wait, that’s backwards)

My first semester Music Composition project in Graduate School is done!  For a while now, I’ve been waking up, composing, eating, teaching, composing, practicing, and then composing some more, all the while still hoping that I’m actually learning something and getting better instead of just rambling on and on with music.  The premise of my project was two selections from one scene out of an idea that I had for an opera in the blues/jazz style.  The opera that I have in mind would be based on the Biblical Jacob’s life.  I wrote the text for the one scene (and some staging directions), then got to work on the music, studying about the styles and writing in them.  The scene is when Jacob (Jake in the opera) meets his future wives.  He makes a deal with his future father-in-law (Louie in the opera) for the daughter that he has fallen in love with (Rachel in the opera).  Louie then conspires to trick Jake into marrying his other daughter (Leia in the opera).  I finally produced an instrumental “Transition” (or scene transition) to the scene and a song (aria and recitative) for the end of that same scene.  The “Transition” will be performed by the ensemble in residence at my upcoming residency in Vermont, and the song (aria and recitative) will hopefully get recorded (in a rough version) before then.  In the mean time, here are parts of the scores for your perusal and enjoyment.

Transition to Louie’s Scene-CallithumpianConsort-AnnaChapman-Preview1

Transition to Louie’s Scene-CallithumpianConsort-AnnaChapman-Preview2

Transition to Louie’s Scene-CallithumpianConsort-AnnaChapman-Preview3

Not Me Blues-Band-AnnaChapman-Preview

Any attempt to copy, distribute, or claim this musical material for personal use or gain is against the law and will be severely frowned upon.  The composer claims all rights to and ownership of this music.  Please contact her with questions or requests for distribution.