as Performing Musician

Performing is the first way that I learned to share music with others.  Music is a language that everyone seems to understand and relate to, no matter what their background is.  It is the “universal language,” yet each performer expresses it differently.  When I perform, I study the piece or song to be able to do justice to its composer(s) and original hearing or recording, but I also study it to connect with the piece because that is the only way to perform it from the heart.  I also then embellish on or add my own ideas to the parts of the song that I particularly like or think would better convey the meaning of the piece to my audience, according to rules of each piece’s genre.

Currently, I play and sing with a small Blues/Jazz band, am involved with music at my church, and am usually available for any gig that would need me as a pianist and/or vocalist, when given at least 48 hours notice.

For booking information or samples, visit My YouTube Channel or contact me directly.

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